***Ratios, Rates. and Proportion Study Cards (7th Grade)


Ratios, Rates. and Proportion Study Cards (7th Grade) by Irene Kim *** = VERY IMPORTANT
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Ratios a comparison of two quantities (written as fractions)
Ratios #2 Ratios can only form a proportion if they are equivalent.
Equivalent Ratios ratios that can be simplified to exactly the same value
Equivalent Ratios #2 Equivalent ratios are equal to each other.
How to Check if Two Ratios Form a Proportion (or are Equivalent): Check to see if the cross products are equal.
If Two Ratios are Equivalent: 1) a divided by b = c divided by d 2) Both ratios have the same simplified value. 3) The cross products are equal.
Rates a comparison of two quantities with units (usually has something to do with change)
Unit Rate the basic rate that all the other rates are equivalent to
Unit Rate #2 The unit rate keeps the rate of change constant.
Unit Rate #3 The denominator is always 1, and they all have a common denominator.
Equivalent Rates rates that represent the same value, but look different
Equivalent Rate #2 The equivalent rate looks different, but has the same value.
Equivalent Rate #3 The equivalent value has either the numerator or the denominator unknown.
Equivalent Rate #4 For the equivalent rate, the basic rate stays the same, but has new conditions.
Rate Table summary of all the equivalent rates in a table
Rate Table #2 All the rates in a rate table are equivalent and can be used to write problems.
Rate Table #3 Since all the rate tables are equivalent, and can be used to write proportions, the rate table represents a proportional relationship.
Independent Variable input, x
Dependent Variable output, y
Variable a place holder (EX: m, n, x, v)
Constant stands alone
Coefficiant multiplies a variable (EX: 2x, 3n, 4m, 8d the number before the variable)
***Proportional Relationship Equation Dependent Variable = Unit Rate x Independent Variable OR **** y = cx ****
Percent Proportion part/whole = x/100
Percent Proportion #2 The ratio of part of a number to the whole number is equivalent to the ratio of the percent value to 100.
Percents a ratio of a number to 100
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