Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 vocab flashcards

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A test designed to measure general abilities and to predict future performances Aptitude test
Standardized tests measuring how much students have learned in a given context Achievement tests
General aptitude for learning, often measured by ability to deal with abstractions and to solve problems Intelligence
The average test score received by a individuals of a given chronological age. Mental Age
The age of an individual in years Chronological age|
The score designated as the minimum necessary to demonstrate mastery of a subject Cutoff Score
Values computed from raw scores that relate students' performances to those of a norming group Derived scores
A derived score that designates what percentage of the norming group earned raw scores lower than a particular score. Percentile score
A statistical measure of the degree of dispersion in a distribution of scores Standard deviation
A measure of the consistency of test scores obtained from the same students at different times. Reliability
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