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Everything you should know about statistics 2

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Hypothesis testing Give the null hypothesis in terms of μ and k μ = k
Give the 3 different new hypotheses If changed: μ≠k If increased: μ>k If decreased: μ<k
Null hypothesis is rejected if z... Does not lie in the critical region
What is a type I error When a true null hypothesis is incorrectly rejected
A type II error is the acception of a false null hypothesis, True or False. True
Poisson distribution Give the general notation of a poisson distribution P~(λ)
What does λ represent mean
State the conditions for poisson distibution to be an appropriate model Data is random Mean is approximately equal to the varience
Student's-t distribution State the condition on the sample size(n) for a t distribution to be required n<30
What is the degrees of freedom(v) in t distribution v=n-1
List the steps to get a t-dist confidence inteval 1. Work out mean 2. Work out standard deviation if not given 3. Work out standard error 4. Find value of t_v 5. Work out and state upper and lower bounds confidence inteval
Chi squared distribution State the formular of the test statistic
What is the condition for this test stat formular degrees of freedom = 1
State the value of the degrees of freedom (numbor of rows-1)*(number of columns-1)
Give steps of the chi distibution hypothesis test 1. State H0 & H1 2. State degrees of freedom 3. Write critical value from table in formular book 4. Write expected table 5. Write test statistic 6. Give appropriate inequality 7. Reject/Acept H0 accordingly
Continuous distribution If X = aY+b, find E(X) & Var(Y) E(X) = aE(X)+b Var(X) = a^2 Var(X)
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