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What is Displacement? Where you end up?
What is distance? The length you travel
What is Speed? Speed is considered to be the time taken for an object to cover a particular distance
How is Distance measured Kilometers Metres
How is time calculated Hours Seconds
How is Average Speed calculated Average speed = Total distance –––––––––––––– Total time
What is Velocity? Velocity is the rate at which an object changes its position Example: Velocity = 55km/hr, east
What is Scalar Quantity? How much 'ground' an object has covered during its motion
What is a Vector Quantity? How far an object has moved from its original position
How do you convert distances?
Converting times Hours - Minutes - Seconds
Formulas s Velocity: V= ––— t Average distance: s = v x t s Time: t = ––––— v
A.) The Student is stationary (not walking)
B.) The Student is walking away from her home
C.) The Student is walking away from her home and stops for a rest
How do you calculate Velocity? s Velocity: V= ––— t
How do you calculate average distance? Average distance: s = v x t
Which units can be used to calculate speed? m/s km/h km/s
How do you calculate distance? S = V(av) x t
How do you calculate acceleration? Vf - Vi Acceleration = ————–– time
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