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Socrates - Founder of philosophy - Plato's teacher -Taught difference between opinion and knowledge - Exposed ignorance of authority - Was executed
Theory of Knowledge - Physical world = illusion created by senses - True knowledge is gained through the mind - A priori knowledge is true knowledge
Theory of forms - Realm of forms = reality - Form = perfect, eternal, unchanging, necessary - Humans have immortal souls - When born, have dim recollection of the forms, the soul has seen them before - Education = recalling forms - Form of the good = ultimate form
Form of the Good - Ultimate form - Illuminates all other forms
Analogy of the circle - You can have an idea of the perfect circle - But in the physical world you can never get a perfect circle
Analogy of the Cave 1) Prisoners forced to look at shadows - think its reality 2) Shadows cast by polititions holding objects against a fire 3) A prisoner escapes 4) Is led to the realm of forms 5) The process is painful but enlightening 6) Returns the other prisoners to free them - is seen as crazy
What does the cave represent? The world of sight
Who do the prisoners represent Us
What are objects the polititions are holding? - Imitations of the true formsforms - The polititions think the objects they're holding are the true reality so they force everyone else to believe the same
What does the fire represent? The sun of the physical world
What does the journey out of the cave represent? The journey of the soul
What does the sun in the realm of forms represent? The form of the good
Who should be leaders? - Philosophers that are enlightened by the realm of forms - So that they can teach the world the truth
Hierarchy of forms 1) Form of the Good 2) Universal qualities 3) Concepts 4) Physical living objects 5) Physical inanimate objects
Demiurge - All Gods are demi Gods as they are below the form of Good - God = good, but not goodness itself - God created out of something ( creatio ex nio)
Dualism - Mind/soul and body are separate - mind/ soul = immaterial & realm of the forms -Body = physical & a prison for the mind
Criticisms 1) undervalues experience 2)DAWKINS - 'nonesence to talk of a transcendent world' 3) what about forms of bad things? 4) no concrete proof 5) how only one form of good? Goodness depends on the situation 6) infinite regression of forms
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