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New Words are updated after every new session. New Words listed 2 sessions prior will be deleted as new words are added. I highly suggest reviewing at least 10 minutes daily :)

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She had to raise her children. (We do not say "grow up) *I am raising 4 dogs. *I raised my daughter to be an independent woman.
Flirtation = Playful behaviour intended to arouse sexual interest
Misinterpret = Interpret falsely
Liberated = Free from traditional social restraints
pimples A small inflamed elevation of the skin; a pustule or papule; common symptom in acne
Outdoorsy = Characteristic of or suitable to outdoor life
( Put a sock in it ) > Pipe down > Be quiet > Shut up > Put a lid on it > Keep it down
( Fat ) > Obese > Big > Huge > Tub of lard > Chubby > Plump > Voluptuous
> heavier > female > diet > major > noncommunicable > inadequate > abusive ( Pronunciation: Click to listen to the audio: )
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