Pathogens and Immunity

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3.1.2 monosaccharaids, disaccharides and polysaccharides
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AQA AS Biology - Pathogens and Disease
AQA AS Biology Unit 2 DNA and Meiosis
Question Answer
What is a pathogen? A microorganism that causes disease (bacterium, virus etc.)
Definition of a Prokaryotic cell: a cell lacking a true membrane bound nucleus
Definition of a Eukaryotic cell: A cell with a true membrane bound nucleus
A Cell mediated immune response involves: T lymphocytes
A Humoral immune response involves: B lymphocytes (and antibodies)
Definition of immunity: The body's ability to identify and react to foreign materials and is based on the various types of white blood cells called lymphocytes
What do T lymphocytes respond to? Antigen presenting cells (e.g cancer cells, virus infected cells, organ transplants)