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orientation - Market Segments may include: -attitudes and values -culture -geography -lifestyle -employment status -socioecenomic factors
orientation- participant attributes amy include: -gender -age -income -stage in lifecycle -occupation and education -culture
orientation- relevant sources may include -Australian Bureau of statistics -commercial research -internet -print media -surveys -television
orientation- relevant legislation may include -privacy -copyright
orientation- organisational policies and procedures -privacy -reporting requirements -information protocols -security and confidentiality requirements -management and accountability channels
orientation- features may include -variety of breadth of services -locations -qualified staff -equipment and facilities
orientation- internal influences may include -individual -lifestyle -social
orientation- external influences -leisure characteristics -economic developments -environmental trends -technological change -codes of practice
orientation- relevant personnel may include -senior colleagues -marketing personnel -store or terminal owners
chapter 1- group dynamics may include -communication -decision making -conflict resolution -trust -safety -respect
chapter 1- barriers may include -conflict of intrest -personality clashes -poor communication skills -poorly defined roles and responsibilities
chapter 1- group performance may include -monitoring and assessment methods -task allocation -mentoring
chapter 1- collaborative approaches may include -group management may include -group decision making -listening skills -negotiation techniques -defining roles and responsibilities
chapter 2- participants may include -experienced and inexperienced -adults and children -individuals and groups
chapter 2- participants needs and aims may include -competition and performance targets -self-immprovment -fitness targets -lifestyle adjustments -technical -tactical -social
chapter 2- tests and assessments may include -interviews -past performances -medical history -physical ability tests
chapter 2- organisational policies and procedures -occupational health and safety -confidentiality -assessment procedures -referral procedures -emergency procedures -risk-analysis procedures -budget allocation
chapter 2- support personal may include -coaches -administrators -teachers -health professionals -carers -assistant staff -parents or guardians
chapter 2- likely demands may include -physical -emotional -psychological -group -individuals within groups
chapter 2- session may include -task,game,activity or exercise -component of a sequenced program -activities of up to a days duration
chapter 2- resources may include -physical -human -financial -transport and related requirements
chapter 2- session plan may include -aims -dates and times -activity stages and structure -logistics
chapter 2- relevant legislation may include -occupational health and safety -equal opportunity -privacy -working with children
chapter 2- external factors may include -weather -time of day -environmental variables -condition of site or location -participant abilities
chapter 2- venue may include -outdoor site -indoor facility -aquatic facility community hall
chapter 2- equipment amy include -safety equipment -equipment required for the session
chapter 2- responsible person may include -supervisor -manager -finance manager -chief executive officer
chapter 2- evaluation criteria amy include -aims and objectives of the session -participant satisfaction -suitability and safety of facilities -content structure & processes of thesession -personal peformance
chapter 3- equipment maintenance procedures and history -frequency of equipment maintenance - schedule of maintenance -incident report -failure reports
chapter 3- risk evaluation criteria may include -legislation -regulations -australian standards -organisational policies-aims & objectives -operating procedures and guidelines
chapter 3- potential sources of risk may include -occupational health and safety -equal opportunity -privacy -duty of care -financial, commercial and legal -behavioural
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