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Travel and tourism definition quiz

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Occupancy Rate Percentage of rooms and seats that are occupied over a measured time period
Online booking Using the internet to reserve a plane seat or hotel room in advance
Outbound Tourists UK residents travelling outside of the UK
Package tour Elements of a holiday which have at least journey and the accommodation prearranged by a tour operator
Paid holiday entitlement The ride to take a number of days of holiday with pay
Perishable Cannot be kept back for later use
Political Factors Government policy having an influential effect upon travel & tourism
Private sector Commercial organisations that operate in order to make a profit
Positive impacts Favourable consequences of travel and tourism
Principals Transport organisations
Product launch Marketing exercise to make customers aware and keen to buy a tourism product
Promotional campaign Coordinated plan built around a theme to alert customers and make them interested in a purchase
Purpose-built resort Destination created from scratch purely for the intention of tourism
Recession Period of time when a country's economic output and consumer spending falls
Religious Tourism Seeking spiritual experience from visiting a sacred place; but also tourist interest in the culture of places
Resort Town, city or other type of destination, which tourists primarily visit for its attractions
Revenue The income that is earned by a travel and tourism organisation
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