Prefix/Suffix/Root words

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These are all prefixes, suffixes and root words.

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a- / an- not, without (Prefix)
be- to cause, become (Prefix)
ab- away from (Prefix)
ante- before, in front (Prefix)
intra- / intro- inside of, within (Prefix)
pseudo- false, pretend (Prefix)
-ize / -yze to make (Suffix)
-some inclined to (Suffix)
-age action, process (Suffix)
-ant / -ent one who (Suffix)
-ism doctrine of, principle of
-ee object of action (Suffix)
-ion state or quality of (Suffix)
-ive inclined to (Suffix)
-hood state or quality of (Suffix)
-ic relating to (Suffix)
-ify / -if to make (Suffix)
-ure action or process (Suffix)
the/theo god (Root)
biblio book (Root)
dem people (Root)
meter measure (Root)
graph write (Root)
migr change, move (Root)
mim same (Root)
mort death (Root)
phon sound (Root)
photo light (Root)
test to witness or affirm
bene good, well (Root)
dict speak (Root)
dur to harden, hold out
nav ship (Root)
sci know (Root)
sol/soli alone (Root)
spec see (Root)
sent/sens feel (Root)
anthrop man (Root)
brev short (Root)
duc/duct lead (Root)
ego I
fac make, do (Root)
jud/jur/jus law (Root)
luc/lum light (Root)
ortho straight, right
poly much, many
rect straight (Root)
urb city (Root)
vir worth, manliness (Root)
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