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Law of Uniformitarianism The geological process in the present also occurred in the past. In order to understand the past, you have to look at and understand the present.
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Index Fossils Needs 3 things... 1. Easily identified 2. Lived over large areas of earth. 3. Only for certain periods in history.
Hutton's Contribution to Geology Found out that the earth is way older than people think. (4.6 billion years old)
Precambrian Era 1st (oldest) Era: Soft bodied, one celled animals.(very little fossils found because animals have no hard parts and to long ago)
Paleozoic Era 2nd Era: Fishes in oceans, plants/ animals on land, forests of mosses and cone bearing trees, Pangea formed.
Mesozoic Era 3rd Era: Age of Dinosaurs, Pangea broke up, first mammals, first flowering plants, and finally mass extinction of dinosaurs.
Cenozoic Era Cool climate (several ice ages), mammals widespread, modern humans appear 100,000 years ago in Africa.
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Why is the inner core solid? There is so much pressure inside the earth, that there is no space for the atoms to move around. Matter with particles that don't move very much are solid. (However, if there was no pressure, then the core would be to hot to be solid)
Wegner's Theory All the continents were once all joined and later broke into pieces.
Why couldn't Wegner prove his theory? 1. He had no evidence to prove it. 2. What force could move continents?
How was the Midatlantic ridge formed? Divergent plates separated, magma poured out and pushed the continents opposing ways.
Sonar It was sound waves sent to the ocean floor to see how deep it was. They found out the sea floor had ridges.
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Which is denser oceanic crust or continental crust? oceanic crust
Which is older oceanic crust or continental crust? Continental Crust
Hess's Theory Sea Floor Spreading: The process of the formation of new oceanic crust created at midocean ridges as older crust moves away.
Divergent Plates th__1_.jpg (image/jpg)
Convergent Plates th__2_.jpg (image/jpg)
Subduction Zone The process by which collision of the earth's crustal plates results in one plate's being drawn down or overridden by another, localized along the juncture (subduction zone) of two plates.
What force is powerful enough to move continents? Convection Currents