GCSE Environmental Science

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Abstraction removing water from a source so that it can be used elsewhere
Accuracy how close your measurements are to the true value
Aerobic using oxygen
Anomalies measurements or results that are clearly out of line (they do not fit the pattern)
Aquifer a porous, permeable underground rock such as chalk or sandstone taht contains water in millions of pores
Artificial fertilisers nitrates, phosphates and potassium that are added to the soil to increase crop growth
Biodiversity the number and variety of species within a region
Biofuels renewable energy resources such as energy crops, wood wastes, biogas and biodiesel
Birth rate the ration of live births in an area to the population of that area, usually expressed as 'per thousand (people) per year'
Botanic garden a research institute where rare or important plant species are grown in order to protect the species from extinction
By-catch unwanted species (for example fish, turtles, dolphins) caught in fishing nets. The organisms are then thrown back, dead, into the sea.
Captive breeding the breeding of species in captivity, usually zoos, with the aim of reintroducing the animals back to their original habitat once it is safe to do so
Carbon capture and storage removal of CO2 from waste gases at power stations and then storing it in old oil and gas fields or in old mines
Carbon footprint the environmental impact of the total amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, emitted over the full life cycle of the use of a product, service or event by individuals, specific human activities or areas
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