Chapter 4 Vocabulary Words (SHSAT)

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Chapter 4 Vocabulary Words (SHSAT) by Irene Kim

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Conclusive final
Extravagant unnecessarily elaborate or generous
Facial of, or relating to, the face
Haughty proud and stuck up
Hideous very ugly
Incandescent glowing
Intolerable unbearable
Memorable worth remebering
Soveriegn self-governing
Wily crafty or tricky
Ardent passionate
Comparable similar
Eloquent forceful and persuasive with words
Indebted owing something or feeling gratitude
Inquisitive curious
Listless appearing tired and lazy
Municipal of, or having to do with the local government, usually of a town or a city
Petty of little importance
Suave smooth
Sultry hot with passion
Absentee a person who is absent
Belated late
Coincide occur at the same time
Consecutive one right after another
Culinary relating to cooking
Discontent dissatisfied
Edible able to be eaten
Festive cheerful and jovially celebratory
Hereditary passed from parent to child
Tepid lukewarm; (can also be) apethetic
Caress [verb] to touch or stroke lightly [noun] a light, loving touch
Complement [verb] to complete, fill up, or make perfect [noun] something which competes, fills up, or makes perfect
Drawl [verb] to speak slowly, dragging one's vowels [noun] a drawling manner of speaking
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