The plan of the Weimar Government

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Question Answer
How often is the President elected? 7 years
Who is the Chancellor elected by? Chosen by the President.
How was the President related to the army? He was Supreme Commander
What was the Reichstag? Like the house of commons, representation of the German population.
What did the Reichstag do? Proposed laws for the Reichsrat, and approved the chancellor.
How many members were in the Reichstag in 1919? 421
How many members were in the Reichstag in 1933? 647
Who chose the members of the Reichstag? The German population.
How often was the Reichstag elected? Every 4 years.
What is proportional representation? Where the number of votes a party receives is directly proportional to the number of seats they are allocated.
What was proportional representation like in Germany? Instead of voting for an MP like in Britain, Weimar Germans voted for a party. These parties where then allocated seats in the Reichstag exactly proportional to the number of voted received. This lead to no overwhelming party and in turn many coalitions.
How may coalition where there in the 14 years of Weimar Government? 20 different with as many as 3 or 4 parties
What were the Reichsrat? 55 representatives from 18 German states.
What did the Reichsrat do? Couldn't make laws, but approved laws proposed by the Chancellor and Reichstag.
What was a huge flaw of the Weimar Government? Article 48
What was article 48 state? Stated that the President could suspend the constitution in an emergency. Could make laws and keep the Chancellor in office. Could run the country completely independently and cease elections for as long as they thought necessary.
Why was article 48 a disaster waiting to happen? It put a huge amount of trust in the President that they would not abuse this huge amount of power; which is how Hitler took power legally.
How would the President run the country under article 48? The President could pass decrees without the support of the Reichstag.