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Factors influencing the character and rate of weathering

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Weathering The breaking and decomposition of rocks, by physical, biological & chemical processes
How many types of Weathering? 1. Chemical 2. Physical 3. Biological
Chemical Weathering 1. Chemicals (eg. carbon dioxide) from pollution added to water vapour in the atmosphere - Acid rain 2. Acid rain dissolves limestone which is weakened and washed away
Physical Weathering Change in temperature causing Expansion & Contraction of rocks (example - in a desert) 1. Freeze -thaw weathering/Frost Shattering 2. Onion-skin weathering
Freeze/thaw Weathering or Frost Shattering 1. Water seeps into cracks - daytime 2. Temperature falls below 0° - at night 3. Water freezes and expands 4. Cracks become wider, rocks split apart
Onion-skin Weathering 1. High temp. - outer layer of rock expands 2. Low temp. - outer layer of rock contracts 3. Continuous Expansion & Contraction - small pieces of rock break down 4. Layers of rock start to peel off (like the skin of an onion)
Biological Weathering Plants Seed falls in a crack - grows into a plant - Roots expand - pressure on rock - split rock apart Animals Remains of animals - decay & burrowing - breaks down rocks
Erosion 1. wearing away of rocks 2. Transportation by wind by water (river/sea) by ice 3. deposition
The arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of land. Topography/Relief
Rivers 1. Flowing bodies of water 2. In every country (except Antarctica) 3. Carry huge quantities of water from land to sea
Source of a river Mountain (Snow melts)
How many courses does a river have? 3 sections 1. Upper course 2. middle course 3. lower course
Two features in Upper Course 1. v-shaped valley 2. Waterfall (Niagara Falls)
Two features in Middle Course 1. Meander 2. Oxbow lake
Two features in Lower Course 1. Flood Plain 2. Delta (the mouth of a river)
The Longest River River Nile in Egypt
River Flooding Cause: Heavy Rainfall, Snow melts, deforestation, Urbanization Impact: Damages to properties, drowning of fields, ruining of crops Benefits: Fertile Soil, washes away pollution
Flood Control Dam Afforestation Flood warning systems Sand bags
Three types of Sandy beaches in Malta Natural Beach (Għajn Tuffieħa, Ramla l-Ħamra) Beach Replenishment (Pretty Bay in Birżebbuġa) Man-made/Artificial Beach (St. George's Bay)
What is this called? Meander -found in the middle course of a river-
This is called....... Ox-bow Lake -found in the middle course of a river-
What is this formation and where do you find it? Delta -found in the lower course of a river-
What is this? V-shaped valley -found in the upper course of a river-
What type of landform is this? Where is it found Waterfall -found in the upper course of a river-
What type of landform is this? Where is it found? Gorge -found in the Upper course of a river-
COASTS Features of a headland (erosion bay and headland) Crack Cave (Blue Grotto) Arch (Azure Window) Stack Stump (Sikka)
What is this landform called? Stack
What is this landform? Arch (Azure Window)
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