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Question Answer
_____ is software that displays a fictitious warning to the user in the attempt to "scare" the user into an action, such as purchasing additional software online to fix a problem that in fact does not exist. Scareware
Users generally resist Adware because: it can display objectionable content, pop up can interfere with a user's productivity, slow computer or even cause crashes and the loss of data, Unwanted ads can be a nuisance.
Two types of malware that have the primary objective of spreading are: Virus and Worms
________ is a malicious program designed to take advantage of vulnerability in an application or an operating system in order to enter a computer. Worm
A________ is written in a script known as a macro. Macro Virus
Grouping individuals and organization into clusters based on their likes and interest is called________. Social networking
A long and complex password is a_______ strong password
The process of providing proof that the user is "genuine" or authentic is known as: authentication
One of the most common social engineering is Phishing
is a means of gathering information for an attack by relying on the weaknesses of individuals. Social Engineering
means to create a fictitious character and then play out the role of that person on a victim. impersonation
is a false warning, often contained in an e-mail message claiming to come from the IT department. hoax
attacks that rely on physical acts, these attacks take advantage of user actions that can result in weak security, two most common are______ and______. dumpster diving and shoulder surfing.
what are the three types of Authentication? 1. What he has 2. What he knows 3. What he is
There are two primary offline cracking techniques dictionary attack, and brute force attack
There are 4 key elements to creating a practical security strategy which are block attacks, update defense, minimize losses, and send secure information.
________ensures that only authorized parties can view the information. Confidentiality
In general sense "security" is the steps necessary to protect a person or property from harm.
protecting information is accomplished by: protecting the devise on which the information is found.
A_____ is used as a generic term used to describe individuals who launch attacks against other users and their computers. Cybercriminals
Generally these attacks are intended to promote a political agenda and are in retaliation for a prior event. Are also motivated by ideology. Hactivists
There are three protection that must be extended over protection Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
There is a straightforward and easy solution to securing computers. T/F FALSE
Attack tools can initiate new attacks without any human participation, thus increasing the speed at which systems are attacked. T/F TRUE
Today, many attack tools are freely available and do not require any technical knowledge to use. T/F TRUE
Financial cybercrime is often divided into two categories. The first category focuses on individuals and businesses. T/F TRUE
In a well-run information security program, attacks will never get through security perimeters and local defenses. T/F FALSE
On average it takes ____ days for a victim to recover from an attack. TEN
In the last year, over 600,000 Apple Macs were infected with a malicious software called ____. FLASHBACK
“____” involves breaking into a car’s electronic system. CAR HACKING
From January 2005 through July 2012, over ____ electronic data records in the United States were breached, exposing to attackers a range of personal electronic data, such as address, Social Security numbers, health records, and credit card numbers. 562 million
Attackers today use common Internet ____ and applications to perform attacks, making it difficult to distinguish an attack from legitimate traffic. protocols
Security ____ convenience. is inversely proportional to
The term ____ is frequently used to describe the tasks of securing information that is in a digital format. information security
____ ensures that information is correct and no unauthorized person or malicious software has altered that data. Integrity
____ ensures that data is accessible when needed to authorized users. Availability
Information (contained on the devices) is protected by three layers: products, ____, and policies and procedures. people
A(n) ____ is a type of action that has the potential to cause harm. threat
A(n) ____ is a person or element that has the power to carry out a threat. threat agent
A(n) ____ is a flaw or weakness that allows a threat agent to bypass security. vulnerability
____ involves stealing another person’s personal information, such as a Social Security number, and then using the information to impersonate the victim, generally for financial gain. Identity theft
Under____, healthcare enterprises must guard protected health information and implement policies and procedures to safeguard it, whether it be in paper or electronic format. HIPAA Insurane Portability and Accountability Act
____ requires banks and financial institutions to alert customers of their policies and practices in disclosing customer information. GLBA Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
The FBI defines ____ as any “premeditated, politically motivated attack against information, computer systems, computer programs, and data which results in violence against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents.” cyberterrorism
In the past, the term ____ was commonly used to refer to a person who uses advanced computer skills to attack computers. hacker
____ are individuals who want to attack computers yet they lack the knowledge of computers and networks needed to do so. Script kiddies
A computer ____ is a person who has been hired to break into a computer and steal information. spy