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Hello everyone, for those who don’t know me, my name is Lucero Marquez. First, I would like to give some advice for the upcoming seniors. My advice to you, is to chose something that will interest you because it will make your project easier. I know you guys always hear this but, seriously guys Do Not Procrastinate and it wouldn’t hurt to start your project earlier. Also you should make sure to save all your work on a USB or in a folder to be better organize.
I would like to thank my mentor Marcela Mendoza, for helping me and supporting me throughout my whole project. A big Thank you to my dancers for participating and putting their own free time and hard work on this project. I would also like to thank Celeste Echeverria for helping me throughout my whole senior year and making my papers, research paper and portfolios be the best that they could be, Thank you to Cali Mendoza and Julia Brock for helping me with my video and PowerPoint. Thank you to my grandma who bought our uniforms. And last, but certainly not the least I would like to thank the judges and
the audience for listening to my presentation. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did. When we started on ideas for our project, I had many so I did not know what to chose. I had ideas such as: drop shadowing a dentist, or a real estate agent. Previous seniors had advised us to chose something that you love in order to enjoy it, so I did
For my research paper, I researched, students who were taking dancing too far on school grounds. For example, students would dance inappropriately in school events such as prom or homecoming. I found this topic interesting because I felt like today’s music has a lot of influence on the inappropriate dances. I was also surprised to find out, that there are many students facing consequences to their actions during school. Like students getting expelled or suspended.
For my actual project I decided to choreograph a dance routine, teach it to the Anderson Valley Dance Team, and then perform it at the Variety Show. I Learned that it takes a lot of years of practice and dedication to have an original and successful dance routine. Good memorization is also a good quality.
I had attended the Dance Team for about 4 years but I already liked dancing before that. When I was younger I would dance for school events. Dancing is something that I have always enjoyed, which is why I decided to turn it into my senior project. I learned that choreographing wasn’t as easy as I thought. It was very challenging, mostly because all girls were at different levels with dancing skills. For example, there were girls who were advanced and were already in the Dance Team and other girls who were barely entering. At first I had a difficult time figuring out the right song that could fit everyone. A song that
wasn't too fast but not too slow either. Another difficulty was memorizing all the steps, a struggle was mixing up the steps and the count steps. I talked to my mentor about the song we were doing to choose. After our options of songs, she advice me to do a mix of songs. So, we ended up compromising by learning three different songs. I would always go home and practice the routine everyday, sometimes even double.
What I mean is, after practicing at school with the girls I would practice more at home. After having to memorized the routine, I taught it to the girls who were more experienced because I knew that they would learn it faster. I also wanted their help so that I could work with the newer girls and the other girls could finished learning the other parts.Throughout the process of learning the dance routine, there were some days were we would advance more than other days, But with weeks and hours of practice and also all of our hard work, the girls and I were able to memorize it. A struggle I faced during practice was that
some girls weren’t able to make it to practice. For some it was work and for others were sports, but we were able to make our schedules fit. Something that I am proud of is making one of our dancers come out her shell. For example, she was a beginner who was shy dancing in front of people and struggled with dancing, but with all her hard work time and dedication, she improved her skills.
Our performance at the Variety Show happened sooner than I had thought it would. I had been working hard and waited for that day. From attending the Dance Team I knew what performing in front of a crowd felt like. We would perform during school sports, fair and also at the Variety Show. Before our performance I felt ready to go out there and show the audience everything that I had worked for. During the performance I felt confident about remembering every single step. I was concentrating on the dance and when I had looked up all I saw was a bright light. I knew right there and then that I had made a mistake and I was off the stage. My mistake, was thinking I
had messed up,so I took the easy way out. At first, it felt like the right thing to do and my only option, but after thinking about what I had done, I knew that it was wrong. Marcela, my mentor tried to make me feel good by telling me that it all looked like part of the show and that if I had made a mistake I know that she would tell me right away. Also after my performance i received positive comments and also at school too.
I realize now, that know knew I had mess up, and that more people thought it was part of the show and not just Marcela. A side from my mistake, I can honestly say that I am proud of how my project turned out even with all the struggles. I know that if I hadn't made a mistake then I would have never learned from it. I’ve learned a lot and grown up from this project, I also finally learned how to pronounce the word “ Choreography”. I know that I am not that the best dancer but that is what I'm reaching for and dancing does not just end here this is just the beginning.
During my senior year I have accomplished many goals. In our senior seminar class I learned many skills. For example I’ve learned how to apply for a job, how to do a resume, how to write a business letter and a friendly letter. I have also grown up from this class. I learned things about myself, like how to not give up, not to procrastinate, how to be more responsible, and also how to be more mature about school. One of the most important things that I have learned about myself is that I do like school. Past years I
always used to struggle with my grades, but Senior Seminar class helped me prove to myself that if I put my mind into something I can actually accomplish it. I learned that I can and will be successful in life. Thank you for coming to my presentation are there any questions?
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