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who were the big three? France, Britain and the UAS
What did France hope to gain from the Treaty? -Wanted Germany to suffer because France and suffered in the war (most of the battles were fought in France. Clemanceu wanted to sucre frances safety.
What did Britain want to achieve from the Treaty? -The public wanted Germany to suffer the avenge the dead. -Lloyd Gorge didn't want them to suffer to much bc they wanted t keep trading
What did the USA want from the Treaty? -Didn't want them to suffer -Wilson wanted to stop war happening so thought punishing them would make them seek revenge
What was the war guilt clause? 231- Germany had to accept the blame for starting the war.
How much were the reparations? £6,600 million
Where did the over sea colonies go? -German South Africa- South A -TOgoland and Cameroon- GB F -German east Africa- GB -New Guinea- Aus -Samoa- NZ -Marshall, Mariana and Caroline island Japan
What were the affects of the European borders? -Alsace and Lorraine- France -Rhineland was demilitarised -North Schleswig- Denmark -West Prussia and Posen- Poland -Upper Silesia- Poland
What were other affect to the borders? -10% of land lost -12% of the population lost -16% of coalfields lost -50% of the iron and steel industries
What were the affects to the armed forces? -Army limit to 100,00 men -Conscription banned -No armoured vehicles -Only 6 naval ships
Why did some people think the Treaty was fair? -the hand caused a lot of death and damage -Weaker si the couldn't start anymore wars -Britain and France was revenge so were happy
What did some people think it was to harsh? -Germany was left weak, could lead to angry and another war -Treaty wouldn't help rebuild european trade and wealth.
Why did Germany hate the Treaty? -They couldn't afford the reparations -lost pride with out armed forces -Lost industrial areas so couldn't rebuild -other countries didn't disarm
What were the main points of the ST. Germain treaty o 9191? Separated Austria from Hungary. Stopped Austria joining with Germany. Took Land away e.g Bosnia. Made Austria Limit its army. Created new countries.
What were the main points of the Trianon treaty of 1920? Took land away from Hungary e.g Croatia. Made Hungary reduce its army. Created new countries.
What did the Treaty of Severs (1920) do? Turkey lost land- part of Turkey became the new mandates, e.g Syria. Turkey lost control of the black sea.
what did the league achieve in 1920 in Vilna? The league protested to Poland, but Poland didn't withdraw. Britain and French troops could have gone but didn't. Poland Kept Vilna. Originally belonged to Lithuania.
what happened in 1921 in Upper Silesia? Germany and Poland wanted the industrial region. The league divided the region along the lines that they wanted to prevent future disputes both country's accepted.
what happened in the Aland Islands in 1921? The league said they should go to Finland, Sweden accepted, war was avoided.
what happened in 1923 in Corfu? The League made Italy give Albania the money as compensation but Vitaly would only them it when the killer was found.
what happened in Bulgaria in 1925? They ordered the Grease to get out and pay compensation.
What were other successes of the League? -Helped refugees after the first world war.
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