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Identify & Describe the various Windows 7 Features

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Describe the Windows 7 Feature: Aero Quick desktop windows manipulation features. Consists of Aero Snap, Aero Shake, Aero Peek, and Aero Task Switching.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: Gadgets Movable and simple applets that run on the desktop
Describe the Windows 7 feature: Windows Search Windows Search Engine (WSE) textbox that can perform context-sensative, metadata-based, as-you-type searches.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: Federated Search Same as Windows Search, but can also include search areas, based on search criteria, such as Windows SharePoint sites, intranets, and specific Internet sites from the Windows Explorer interface. Requires XML search connectors in Favorites.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: Offline Files copied or cached network shared files on local hard drive. Admins can configure specific file types to be excluded from this feature.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: VPN Reconnect reconnects a previously VPN session without having to re-authenticate.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: Group Policy editor for setting property values, preferences, settings, and configurations on Active Directory objects.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: ReadyBoost allows the extension of system memory to faster medium or external storage types, such as, USB or SD (Secure Digital) memory cards.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: Action Center replaced the Security Center in Win Vista. Houses links to configure UAC, Anti-virus, Backups, Windows Updates, and Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: BranchCache this feature can reduce WAN traffic by creating local copies of data at branch offices for the local branch users to access without having to use the WAN connection to HQ.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: DirectAccess feature that auto-connects a VPN client to corporate DirectAccess/VPN server when the feature senses an Internet connection.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: Problem Steps Recorder in the troubleshooting scenario, this tool allows the user to record how the error or issue was generated.
Describe the Windows 7 feature: Resource Monitor system performance monitoring and troubleshooting tool that displays performance data about the system memory, CPU, hard disk, and network resources being used by Windows 7 and other applications running on it.
Describe Windows 7 Starter Edition and it's purpose and feature set. a low-cost OS alternative for OEMs to use in netbook and low-end laptop products. Only available on new computers and has no 64-bit version, no Windows Aero features, and limited processor support.
Describe Windows 7 Home Basic Edition and it's purpose and feature set. No Aero support, limited networking capabilities, and does not include Windows Media Center applications.
Describe Windows 7 Home Premium Edition and it's purpose and feature set. Primary OEM retail version for home users. Includes full Aero and multimedia support. Lacks business features, such as the ability to join an AD DS domain.
Describe Windows 7 Professional Edition and it's purpose and feature set. Primary retail version for advanced home users and small-to-medium sized businesses. Includes the features of all previous editions with the ability to join a domain. Does not inlcude the advanced, enterprise networking capabilities, such as, BrachCache and DirectAccess features. Windows Media Center application is included.
Describe Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and it's purpose and feature set. Only available with volume licensing. It is functionally equal to Ultimate edition except for licensing and support. Enterprise edition includes support for all language packs and includes the right to run as many as 4 operating systems in virtual machines.
Describe Windows 7 Ultimate Edition and it's purpose and feature set. Includes same features as Enterprise, except licensing and only has 5 years of support, instead of 10.
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