Cold War Crisis 1957-1970

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Berlin Wall- 1961 CAUSES - U2 Spy Plane - Kennedy became President - Brain Drain (East-West) - US increase spending by $3.5 billion - Krushchev suggested that all 4 powers leave Berlin (Eisenhower ready to negotiate) - 2000 people leaving a month Vienna Summit (1961) - Krushchev increases spending by 30% - 1949, 614 million E. Germans fled to West
Berlin Wall- 1961 EVENT - Aug 1961, Krushchev closed borders, E-W - Barbed wire - Iron curtain became reality
Berlin Wall- 1961 CONSEQUENCES - Families split - Travel restrictions - Germans felt let down- agreement broken by USSR - Kennedy visited Berlin - Krushchev felt he won
Why Did The Bay Of Pigs Fail- 1961 - Failed because Cubans didn't support the invasion & Castro was ready for them as the invasion wasn't a secret - Event humiliated Kennedy & USA and allowed Soviets to insist they needed to protect Cuba from American aggression - 1500 soldiers in La Brigada were no match for Cuban soldiers - $45 million for training
Cuban Missile Crisis- 1962 CAUSES - Relations between USA & Cuba worsened after Castro came to power (communist) & rejected all US business from Cuba - In retaliation US refused to buy Cuban sugar, allowed USSR to gain influence in the Caribbean - Bay of Pigs invasion pushed Castro closer to the USSR, Krushchev began to send military supplies to Cuba, Sep installed Ballistic Missiles, said to protect Cuba from future attacks, defensive ones - U2 spy plane took photos from Cuba showing that the USSR were building intermediate range bases, could hit most US cities- big threat
Cuban Missile Crisis- 1962 EVENT - 13 days of high tension - US placed a naval blockade around Cuba, preventing USSR delivering military supplies- turnt ships around to avoid confrontation - Demanded removal of missiles from Cuba, US would invade otherwise - Krushchev sent letter to US offering to remove missiles if blockade was lifted - Remove theirs if they removed theirs from Turkey- 2nd letter
Cuban Missile Crisis- 1962 CONSEQUENCES - Kennedy appeared winner - Krushchev humiliated because he backed down- China criticised them - Hotline set up - Test ban treaty: stop testing nuclear weapons - Non Proliferation Treaty: stop spread of weapons - Missiles removed from Turkey & Cuba - SALT I talks began in 1969 - France withdrew from military side of NATO
Czechoslovakia: The Prague Spring- 1968 CAUSES - Czech had a good standard of living - Obedient to USSR - Novotny becomes leader=very unpopular - Hard line communist - Slow to implement De-Stalinisation - 1960=decline in economy - New economy model produced goods they couldn't afford - Demanded greater democracy - Oct 1967 Novotny's power was challenged by Dubcek - Dec Dubcek invited Brezhnev to Prague He supported a change of leadership - March-Svoboda replaced Novotny - Dubcek made reforms
Czechoslovakia: The Prague Spring- 1968 EVENT - Brezhnev was under pressure from German leader to stop reform in Czech - Soviets left their tanks there - Dubcek said he would remain in the Warsaw Pact - Signed the Bratislava agreement to confirm commitment to communism - Tito visits Czech-warm welcome=Brezhnev angry - 20th Aug-invaded - Czechs threw petrol bombs at tanks, burnt down buildings, tore down signs- radio broadcast
Czechoslovakia: The Prague Spring- 1968 CONSEQUENCES - Demonstrations carried on until 1969 - Jan a student set fire to themselves in protest - Dubcek forced to resign-replaced by Gustav Husak- communist - Brezhnev Doctrine- no one could leave the Warsaw Pact - Romania refused to send troops-went independent as did Albania - Relations not damaged - Détente continued - Increased rivalry with China
Dubcek's Reforms - Freedom of Speech- radios broadcast debates & exposing corruption - 10 Year Programme to bring in Democratic Elections - Removal of Travel Restrictions-make trade with the West - Reduce power of secret police
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