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how do you factor trinomials ? use the t table to do your work
what method can i use to multiply polynomials ? use box method or f.o.i.l
what is standard form ? ax^2+bx+c
how do you factor quadnomials? factor by grouping
what is a right angle? is an angle that equals 90 degrees
what is an acute angle? an angle that is less than 90 degrees
what is an obtuse angle is a measure that is greater than 90 degrees
what is an angle bisector divides two angles that are congruent
what does perpendicular lines mean it means when lines,rays,and segments form four right angles
what are adjacent angles are angles that have lie in the same plane and have a common vertex,side, but no common interior points
what is a intersection? an intersection is where two things cross
what is a plane? A plane is a flat surface
what is a line segment? Its a line with a start and stop
what is a mid-point? Its the middle point on a line
what is a coplanar? its points on the same plane
what is space ? Its a boundless three dimensional set of all points
what are slashes for ? the slashes indicate which segments are congruent
what is a parabola ? the u shaped graph of a quadratic function
what is a quadratic function? its a function of the input value squared
what is the axis of symmetry? a vertical line passing through the vertex of a parabola
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