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Innuendo Reference (derogatory): He uses sly innuendos in a bid to tarnish their reputation Synonym [insinuation]
Expostulate To dissuade Synonym [remonstrate]
Lacuna A gap, hiatus: The journal has filled a lacuna in the Middle Eastern Studies
Surfeited cause someone to desire no more of something due to satiation: I am surfeited with shopping
Jaded 1. bored or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something: meals to tempt the most jaded appetites 2. (informal) physically tired: became jaded
Meritorious Commendable, praiseworthy, laudable: Many years of meritorious service Antonym: Reprehensible
Petulant Easily annoyed by trifles: An overworked parent may be unlikely to indulge the complaints of a petulant child Synonym [testy, waspish, peevish] Antonym: placid, amiable
Provincial 1. Narrow-minded 2. Local Synonym [parochial, insular, naive] Antonym [catholic, cosmopolitan]
Umbrage 1. Offense: She is afraid that they would take umbrage at her criticism 2. Shade cast by trees Synonym [pique]
Lurid Causing shock, horror or revulsion: The posters are sensational and lurid Synonym [ghastly, grisly, baleful] Antonym [wholesome]
Unctuous Excessively smooth or smug: Her constant inquiring about my health seems unctuous Synonym [mealymouthed, servile, fawning] Antonym [gruff]
Provenance Place of origin: .... of Iranian provenance
Propriety Conformity to conventionally accepted standards of behaviour: Behave with utmost propriety, question the propriety
Modality 1. Modal quality: The harmony had a touch of modality 2. Particular method: Modalities of troop withdrawals 3. Forms of sensory perception: Auditory modalities
Rentier Person living on income from property or investments
Platitude A remark with moral content that has been used too often to be interesting: She began uttering liberal platitudes
Colloquial Used in ordinary conversation: The Golden Shield Project, colloquially referred to as the Great Firewall of China, …
Risibly Provoking laughter through being ludicrous: A risible scene
Venal Motivated by susceptibility to corruption: Their generosity had been partly venal. These people are notoriously venal
Remonstrate To make a forcefully reproachful protest: He turned to remonstrate with Tommy. "You don't mean that," she remonstrated
Purportedly Appear to do something falsely: She is not the person she purported to be
Prescience Foreknowledge: In this he shows a great deal of prescience
Burlesque A parody: The same scene can be a wild burlesque or a sinister reality, according to the age at which one reads it
Effeteness No longer capable of effective action: The authority of an effete aristocracy began to dwindle
Dispensation Exemption from rule: She was given special dispensation to play
Discomfiture Feeling unease: Much to the discomfiture of the organisers
Discreditable Tend to bring harm to a reputation: Allegations of discreditable conduct
Travesty False, absurd representation of something: The absurdly lenient sentence is a travesty of justice
Incontrovertible Not able to be denied or disprove: Incontrovertible proof
Esoteric Intended only for a small number of people with specialised knowledge or interest: Esoteric philosophical debates
Apoplectic Overcome with anger: He was apoplectic with rage at the decision
Beleaguered Lay siege to, put in a very difficult situation: The board is supporting the beleaguered director
Emancipation Being set free from political restrictions: The social and political emancipation of women
Imprudent Rash: It would be imprudent to ...
Milieu Social environment: They came from the same aristocratic milieu as …
Insinuation An unpleasant hint of something bad: I've done nothing to deserve your insinuations
Slake Quench or satisfy: To slake the Italian obsession with food
Censure To express extreme disapproval of (formal): The company was heavily censured by inspectors
Allay 1. To put at rest fears or suspicions: The report attempted to allay fears 2. Alleviate hunger or pain: Some stale figs allayed our hunger
Squelch (Informal) Forcefully suppress: Property developers tried to squelch protests
Servile Show excess willingness to please others: Bowing his head in a servile manner
Trite (of an idea) lack in originality due to overuse: This point may seem obvious and trite
Banal So lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring: Songs with banal, repeated words
Insular 1. Ignorant or uninterested in others' cultures or ideas: Insular farmers 2. lacking contact with other people: An insular existence
Parochial Having a narrow outlook: Parochial attitudes, Parochial interests
Baleful Threatening harm: Shot a baleful glance, having a harmful effect
Perquisite A benefit which one is entitled to on account of one's position: The First Lady has all the perquisites of stardom
Testy Easily irritated: He is growing rather testy
Waspish Readily expressing anger: He has a waspish tongue
Tenuous Flimsy or weak: A tenuous link between interest rates and investment
Caustic Harsh and scathingly sarcastic: The players were making caustic comments
Vindictive Spiteful: The criticism was both spiteful and personalised
Lark A source of amusement: I only went along for a lark
Insolent Rude and arrogantly lacking respect: She hated the insolent tone of her voice
Repast A meal: A sumptuous repast
Ingratiating Intending to gain favour through flattery: Sycophantic attempt to ingratiate herself with the local aristocracy
Irresolute Hesitant or uncertain: She stood irresolute outside his door
Gregarious Sociable and enjoying the company of others: He was a gregarious man
Credulous Having too great a readiness to believe things: A ceremony staged for credulous tourists
Surreptitiously Keep secret, especially because it would not be approved of: Low wages were supplemented by surreptitious payments from tradesman
Ingenuously Done in an innocent or unworldly way: He eyed her with wide, ingenuous eyes
Obstreperous Unruly and noisy: The boy is obstreperous
Scrupulous 1. Done in a precise way Research has been carried out with scrupulous attention to detail 2. Done in a way showing moral integrity: She's too scrupulous to have an affair
Histrionics Exaggeratedly dramatic displays of emotion: A histrionic outburst
Equanimity Calmness and composure in difficult situations: She accepted both the good and bad with equanimity
Acquiesce To accept, comply or agree passively: She acquiesced in his decision.
Balk 1. Refuse abruptly: He balked at such a drastic solution 2. Thwart or hinder: He raised every objection he could too balk the plan
Auxiliary Supplementary or additional: Auxiliary airport staff, Auxiliary power source
Exult To be extremely joyful; rejoice: Exulting in her escape, Lisa closed the door behind her
Demur Show reluctance: Normally she would have accepted the challenge, but she demurred
Precipitous 1. Dangerously high or steep: A precipitous drop 2. A sudden worsening of a situation: A precipitous slide in popularity 3. An action done suddenly and without careful consideration: Precipitous intervention
Propensity An inclination to behave in a certain way: his propensity for violence
Abase To humiliate or degrade
Acquiesce To comply
Affable Easy to talk to
Amiable Friendly
Irascible Showing the tendency to be easily angered
Amenable agreeable, compliant
Aspersion Disparaging or derogatory remark
Beguile To cheat, usually through charm
Burgeon To grow/fluorish
Capricious Fickle, impulsive; changing unpredictably
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