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The major source of pollution automobile
The changing of gas to liquid condensation
carbon dioxide and water vapor trapping heat given off by earth greenhouse effect
the changing of liquid to gas evaporation
layer responsible for reflecting radio waves ionosphere
the most abundant gas in the atmosphere nitrogen
the second most abundant gas in the atmosphere oxygen
layer absorbing ultraviolet rays ozonosphere
waste substances found in the atmosphere that are harmful to life pollution
the layer in which weather changes occur troposhpere
Most pollutants found in the atmosphere enter the body through the ________ lungs
Sulfur oxides harm the body by _______ damaging the lungs
The main factor varying from layer to layer in the atmosphere is the _________ temperature
The gas that is necessary for respiration in all living things is __________ oxygen
In order for plants to carry out photosynthesis, they must have __________ carbon dioxide
The probable reason for the increase of carbon dioxide is _________ burning fossil fuels
Snow or rain falling from clouds is called ___________ precipitation
The 2 processes of life involved in the carbon-oxygen cycle are _____________ photosynthesis and respiration
The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is controlled by an exchange with __________ the oceans
Plants and bacteria are necessary to complete the _________ nitrogen cycle
The process by which bacteria change nitrogen into nitrogen compounds is ________ fixation
The 2 types of air pollutants are ________ particles and gases
The process by which certain bacteria release nitrogen from nitrogen compounds is known as __________ denitrification
The amount of radiation absorbed by the earth _________ the radiation lost to space equals
The rate at which oxygen is taken from the atmosphere by living things is equal to the rate at which it is replaced by ____________ plants or photosynthesis
Carbon monoxide interferes with the transportation of ________ by the blood oxygen
In Genesis 1:26 God gave man the responsibility to have _________ over the earth dominion
Matthew 7:12, "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them," is sometimes called the __________ golden rule
True/False? Bacteria are the root of the pollution problem False
True/False? As "King" of the earth, man's responsibility is to protect the earth and develop its resources. True
True/False? Of the incoming solar radiation 70 percent is used to heat the earth and its atmosphere True
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