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Question Answer
música music
siempre always
qué lástima too bad (what a pity)
fantástico great! fantastic!
también also
un poco a little
o or
pero but
con with
y and
mucho a lot
ahora now
aquí here
como like, as
de from, of
en in
discos cd's
cantar to sing
trabajar to work
practicar to practice
terminar to end, to finish
hablar to speak
estudiar to study
escuchar to listen
tocar to play (an instrument)
inglés english
a at, to
francés french
guitarra guitar
español spanish
muy bien very well
matemáticas math
ciencias science
historia history
geografía geography
música clásica classical music
música popular pop music
arte art
fiesta party
There are 3 types of regular verbs :in spanish: ___ , ___, ___ -ar , -er , -ir
every verb has two parts. what are they? a stem and an ending
how do you put a verb into the "I" form? drop the -ar and add "o"
if you leave the letter -ar on the end of a verb, it is in the _____ form. infinitive
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