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What does a microscope allow us to do? A microscope allows very small things to be magnified or made bigger so that they become visible to us.Microscopes also allow scientists to see the tiny building blocks that make up living things.
What does the magnification of a microscope tell you? The magnification of a microscope tells you how much bigger the image is than the real object.
What does specimen mean? an individual animal, plant, piece of a mineral used as an example of its species or type for scientific study or display.
What is a light microscope that has two ocular lenses? They are called binocular microscopes.
What are two different types of light microscope? Dark-Field Light Microscope. Fluorescence Light Microscope.
What are the lenses found in a light microscope? The bright light microscope has two sets of lenses, the objective lens and the ocular lens
What is a microscope that use a beam of electrons rather than light? They are called Electron Microscopes
What happens when you move a specimen under a stereo microscope? The image moves the same way even if you move the specimen to the right the image will move to the right too.
What is the unit of measurement equal to one-thousandth of a millimetre? a micrometre is one thousandth of a millimetre or one millionth of a metre.
What are three ways that technology can extend the sense of sight? Night-sight detectors X-ray machines three dimensional mechanism
Why is a light microscope used? light microscopes are used to study living cells and for regular use when relatively low magnification and resolution is enough.
What is the mirror or lamp on a microscope used for? it is used to direct light up through the stage and specimen
How much of the specimen when you look down a microscope is called what?? it is called the field of vision
What is the fine focus knob of a microscope used for? it is used to focus the image on high power
What is the coarse focus knob of a microscope used for? it is used to focus the image on low power
What is a binocular microscope? A binocular microscope is any optical microscope with two eyepieces to significantly ease viewing and cut down on eye strain.
what is a stereo microscope used for? The stereo microscope is often used to examine and dissect small plants and animals, or parts of plants and animals
what is a monocular microscope? Monocular microscopes are microscopes that are equipped with one eye piece, can magnify samples up to 1,000 times.
what is a monocular microscope used for? Monocular microscopes are used to study true microscopic sized animals, plants and cells.
why does a specimen prepared for viewing under a light microscope have to be very thin? High magnification objective lenses can't focus through a thick glass slide; they must be brought close to the specimen, which is why coverslips are so thin.
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