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Instructions: 1. Exam must be taken in the classroom just remote students may take it by zoom with Respondus Lockdown browser .
What is a variable?
When and how should you use a variable?
Which are the rules to name a variable?
What is camelCase?
Select the only valid variable name : a) b) #product c) 3rd semester d) appName The only valid name is: d) appName Variable names should not have special characters, spaces and must start with a letter
Name the components we have used in our Thunkable apps
Which are the prefixes to name each Thunkable component?
What is data validation? It's the process carried out by the app to ensure the data entered by the user is logical, complete, and within acceptable limits.
Why is data validation necessary?
Which are the basic validation rules?
What are the results when a condition includes the keywords AND / OR / NOT?
What type of feedback could be given in Thunkable when data is invalid?
What is peventive design?
How to build a validation If to verify that the age of the user is between 1 and 120 ?
How do you remove the red border shown in a text input after validating?
What is a list in Thunkable?
What's the index in a list?
For what is used the index of a list in Thunkable?
How can you show a list in the screen?
How can you insert a new element into a list?
How can you delete an element from a list?
How can you navigate through a list to show the previous or next element in the screen?
What is a Function in Thunkable?
What are the advantages of using Functions? Functions allow to: a) split a complex job into simpler tasks b) reuse a set of blocks several times in an app without repeating them c) better understand the logic of an app
What does it mean to 'call a function'?
What are the most common errors when developing Thunkable apps?
What are the most common errors when developing Thunkable apps?
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