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Instructions: Exam must be taken in the classroom just remote students may take it by zoom. Anycase the exam requires Respondus Lockdown browser.
What is a database? What does it mean CRUD for a DB?
How is the information organized in a Database?
In Thunkable what type of Database can be integrated in an app, and how? The database we used in this partial was Airtable, that can be connected to our Thunkable's apps using the API Key
a) What components can be used in Thunkable to connect a Database? b) What is the process to connect a database with Thunkable?
How can you READ the values stored in the Database?
How can you get the row id of a record and for what is it used?
How can you DELETE information from the Database?
What are the actions performed by the Share component?
What data is necessary to send an SMS and an email through Thunkable?
What data is necessary to do a phone call using the Share component?
What components and blocks allow to take an photo and share it by an instant messaging app of the phone?
Which are the speech components of Thunkable?
How can you define the language of each speech component in a Translator app?
Which are the main actions of each speech component?
What do the value and error blocks represent in the speech recognizer's listen block?
What are the main actions that should be included in the reset function or button?
What is the Map component?
What actions can be performed on a Thunkable's Map?
Where can you get the latitude and longitude of a place to set its marker on a Thunkable map?
What's the main function of the Location Sensor component?
What is the Web Viewer component?
How was built the Google map's link of the Locator app?
In which event of the Locator app it is calculated the route to get from the user's location to another place? In the long press of the map, saving the latitud and longitude of the destination in variables:
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