Liberal revolutions. A new political and economic geography. Economic expansion and social change. Mexican History. Culture and identity.


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1.When the war of seven years ended In 1763
2.When the independence of the colonies was reconized In 1783
3.When the constitution was drafted forming USA 1787
4.What were the rights of citizens that form constitution of USA freedom,security,private,property and freedom
5.Why the french revolution was important It put a end to the ancient regime
6.What were the most important causes of the french revolution a stratified society cominated in france before the revolution
7.When napoleon escaped from elba In 1815
8.What were the consequences of napoleonic wars france lost power and england became the undisputed global power
9.When napoleon invade spain In 1808
10.When napoleon negotiated with fernando VII In 1814
11.What the napoleonic wars ere part of a conflict that erupted out french revolution
12.When the french empire planned a invasion of england In 1804
13.When australia and england formed a new coalition In 1809
14.When napoleon scaped from elba island in march In 1815
15.What were the consequences of napoleonic wars France lost its power and england became the undisputated global power
16.What were the consequences of napoleon Was exiled to the remote island
17.When the industrial revolution of transports start Start with the adaptation of the steam
18.What the industrial revolution produce demographic changes
19.In what century latin american have constant conflicts In 19 century
20.What is the most significant consequence of independence The emergence of latin american nations
21.When the holy alliance was founded In 1815
22.What was the thing that characterized the 19 century series of revolutions
23.In what century ideas was conducted primarily by town criers Before 15 century
24.In what year usa bought lousiana In 1803
29. .When the two philosophical positions has developed = In 17 century
30. The spread of black death that ravaged europe = was fast
31. Where the garments were made = In homes
32. Where the wool was streched = twisted in very simple spindles
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41.In what period the medicine was important .In 19 century
42.When the ideas was conducted by town criers In 15 century
43.When newspapaer whereoften to work for a single autor In 18 century
44.When where a mass publication of books etc In 19 century
45.In what centuries was promoted securization of education In 18 and 19 century
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