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1-.Mention one of the effects of the seven year´s war. The increases in the settled British colonies in North America
2-.What is a ¨Boycott¨? Pressure exerted by a person or entity to force a person to give something up or give into something
3-.When the 13th colonies declared independient? On July 4, 1776
4-.The French Revolution was important for history? Yes
5-.When was the meeting of the Estates-general? On May 1789
6-.Why the french society transformed? Because of the condequences reverberated worldwide.
7-.When does Holland and Belgium integrated as the Netherlands? In 1830
8-.What is nationalism? Is a social political movement that is based on awereness
9-.Where and when were the first continental met whith delegates? It was in 1774 in Philadelphia
10-.In which century was the greatest power in the world? It was in the 20th Century
11-.When the national constituent assembly convened? On July 9, 1789
12-.Is the french revolution important for history? Yes, it is very important
13-.When the states decide to made concerning the future establishement? In May 1789
14-.When te national assembly convented? On july 9, 1789
15-.When the marked began in revolution? On July 14, 1789
16-.Which is the period of the national convention? 1792-1795
17-.Mention one of the internal causes of the Independence of the american colonies? Spanish dominance of economic activities
18-.The french revolution was a external or internal cause? It was a external cause
19-.Which region was on September 15,1821? Its Guatemala
20-.Who invented the Flying shuttle? John Kay
21-.What is colonialism? Is the dominance of one country over another
22-.In which continent does france and england consolidated their domination? In Asia
23-.Which was the contribution of James Watt? The steam engine
24-.What is Handmade? Something created manually
25-.In 1785 who created the power loom? Edmund Cartwright
26-.When was the Independence of New Spain? In 1810-1821
27-.When the Independence consummated? In 1821 with the plan of iguala
28-.When was the defeat of Napoleon? In 1814
29-.Why does europe was characteized in the 19th century? By series of revolutionary movements
30-.Mention one concequence of the industrial revolution Increase in population
31-.Mention one of the ideas of the liberals Ensure equality, freedom, security, religious tolerance and freedom of expression
32-.Mention one of the ideas of the conservatives Made up of landowners, upper ranks of the army and the clergy
33-.Name one of the 13 colonies Virginia, South Carolina, Pensilvania etc
34-.Which was the nationality of William Hogarth? He was English
35-.Which is the representative work of Sir Joshua Reynolds? The countess of dartmouth
36-.When does Jacques-louis was born-died? 1748-1825
37-.What was Antonio Canova? He was an sculptor
38-.Mention a representative work of Bertel Thorvaldsen Alexander the great, the tomb of pope pius VII
39-. Which was the nationality of Victor Hugo? He was French
40-.Mention one representative work of Victor Hugo Les miserables, notre dame, History of a crime
41-.When the Typhoid destroyed Cholera epidemic? In 1832
42-.Mention one of the Works of Mary Shelley Frankenstein
43-.When and Where the nazare movment was born? In Germany in 1809
44-.When does Robert Schumann born? In 1810
45-.What you learn in this sessions? ANY ANSWER IT'S OK!!!
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