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What are five example examples of Protestant Religions? Anglican Baptist Lutheran Methodists United Church
What are five examples of non-Christian Religions? Buddhism Judaism Falun Gong Islam Muslim
What is the crime of heresy? Heresy is the crime of holding a belief or opinion contrary to the Roman Catholic Church
What is a punishment for the crime of heresy? Explain what it is A punishment for the crime of heresy is excommunication. Excommunication means to take away one's member ship of the Church.
What are indulgences? Indulgences were insurance policies for the soul.
Who sold indulgences? Catholic Monks and Priests
Why were indulgences sold? In order to gain money for the Church.
Who brought indulgences to the world? Tetzel
On what day did Reformation start? October 31, 1517
Who published the 95 theses? Martin Luther, a German monk.
What were the 95 theses about? The ninety five theses were beliefs that Martin Luther did not approve of the Roman Catholic Church.
Who was Henry's VIII first wife? Katherine of Aragon
What was the name of the child they had? Mary, also known as Bloody Mary
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