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What are all 7 protestant religions? United Methodist Anglican Baptist Presbyterian Lutheran
What are the Christian Catholic religions? Catholic Greek Orthodox
Name four non-Christian religions? Shintoism Islam Judaism Taoism Buddhism
Why did John Wycliffe want to make a change in the Church by translating the bible from Latin to English? So that the common people could read it and decide for themselves what was right and wrong.
Why did the nobles support John Wycliffe? Since he criticized the church for its wealth . Everybody was tired of paying heavy taxes to the church, and the king as well.
What happened to the reformer John Hus when he criticized the Roman Catholic Church? He was condemned by a Church council in 1415 and burned at the stake.
Why didn’t the nobles protect John Hus? They thought it would result in a peasant revolt.
What was the practice of nepotism? When they gave the jobs to their relatives even when these family members were unqualified or undeserving.
What was the practice of simony? When people could buy a position in the church and collect the salary that went with it , even if they did not actually perform the religious services.
What is heresy? When you don’t believe in the church’s teachings
What is the punishment for Heresy? The Roman Catholic Church will forbid you to take part in any of the seven sacrament.
Who is the man who sold indulgences? Tetzel
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