Malware & Top 10 Viruses

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Malware and it's types The top 10 of worlds viruses

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Malware Malicious Software. Software designed to damaged or do other unwanted actions on a computer
Adware Type of Malware, only displays unwanted ads on your computer. Simple and can be spread easily but can also be erased easily
Spyware Malware that spies and tracks internet activities. Also a simple malware that can be detected and erased with normal softwares
Virus Contagious program or code that attaches itself to other softwares. Usually spreads by sharing. Avoid by recieving docuemnts or programs from non-reliable sources
Worm Program that replicates itself. Destroys data and files until the drive is empty. Can be found on unknown files and downloads
Trojan Most dangerous Malware. Written with the purpose of discovering financial information and taking over computer systems deniyng any access to it. Avoid with a high security system
Rootkit Hidden Malware and hard to detect. It permits public access to personal information in the computer without noticing. Only solution for it is to wiping data and installing everything from scratch
Backdoors Malware that creates an easy entrace to the computer for SPAM and other Malware to get in. Such as Trojan and Worms hard to remove but can be prevented with security software
Keyloggers Malware that records what is typed in the PC, such as usernames, passwords, etc. Can be deleted and avoided with softwares for this purpose
Rogue Security Software Misleading software. Disguised as the antivirus to delete Malware while the Malware that turns off the actual Antivirus. Can be pretended by downloading only trustworthy programs
Ransomware Shows a screen that locks you out of the system until you pay for cybercrimes. The notification and the exchange of money is totally fake. Can be avoided with Antivirus but deleteing it is harder
10. Melissa 1999 Virus created by David L. Smith that spreaded through e-mails. It shows a simple message with a document, when opened it opens the virus and sends it to the top 50 contacts.
9. ILOVEYOU 2000 A worm virus. Spreaded through e-mail as an anonymous love letter, as it was opened it copied itself several times and replaced other files while adding some new ones. It also downloaded a file that stealed passwords and sent them to the hacker
8. The Klez Virus 2001 Normally it would only act a a simple virus that went through e-mails, but variations of it made the computer and it's systems unoperable. Varations can be found as worms, viruses, or even trojans. It could even disable antiviruses
7. Code Red & Code Red II 2001 Worms that exploited a vulnerability in the operating system. This consisted on overflowing a machine's running capacity. The first code was released in the WHite House, the Red COde II Infected normal computers and they no longer obey their owners by creating backdoors
6. Nimda 2001 Admin spelled backwards. Targets Internet servers, crawling the traffic through the Internet using multiple methods such as e-mails. This was made by creating a backdoor that allowed the same priviliges to the hacker that the owner had
5. SQL Slammer / Saphire 2003 Virus spread through Web servers that brought down several of them.
4. MyDoom 2004 Worm that created backdoors. Caused Denial of Services, with a second function that was to stop distributing itself some days later, although keeping the backdoors active.
3. Sasser & Netsky Sasser spread and seeked vulnearabilities in the computers and then instructed the other computers to download it. Netsky spread through e-mail and caused Denial of Service and collpasing of the system
2. Leap-A / Oompa-A 2006 Virus targeting Mac computers, and spreaded through iChat and it's contacts to send a corrupted file that appears to be an image. It isn't really harmful but shows that Mac computers can have Malwares
1. Storm Worm 2006 Is a trojan program and spreads through other programs, that ain't always the same. This turned computers into zombies or bots. As they are infected, computers become vulnerable to attacks and remote control
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