Book 18 Iliad

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How does book 18 start? Achilles is told of the death of Patroclus
Who breaks the news to Achilles? Antilochus
How does Achilles react and who responds to his reaction? He collapses in grief and his mother Thetis responds by visiting him
What does Thetis tell Achilles? That he will not live long after Hector's death
What is Achilles promised by Thetis? Armour made by Hephaestus
Whom does Hera send to Achilles and why? Isis is sent to rouse Achilles - urges him to show himself to the Trojans
How is his appearance described on the battlefield? A piercing cry like the sound that rings out from a trumpet when a town is surrounded by murderous enemies.
What epic simile is used to describe Achilles on the battlefield? Like smoke that goes up into the sky of a town from some beleaguered island which enemy troops are besieging; beacon-fires blaze up one after the other
Who advises Hector to retreat and what is his response? Polydamus - Hector disagrees and urges the Trojans to fight.
What do the Greeks do at the end of the book? Perform the funeral rights for Patroclus
How does Hephaestus receive Thetis? He offers her Xenia and is pleased to help her in return for the kindess that she showed him
Hephaestus makes Achilles a shield - describe what the shield depicts Constellations, Marriage, Court Case, Seige and Ambush, Ploughing, Reaping, Grape Harvest, Cattle-Herding, Sheep- Flocks, Ocean - life in and out of war
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