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How does Achilles continue to dishonour Hector, and who takes pity on his body? He drags his body three times round Patroclus' burial mound repeatedly - Apollo takes pity on Hector, protecting his body from mutilation and wrapped him in a golden aegis. He appeals to Zeus to help two which Hera takes offence.
How does Zeus tackle the situation? He sends Thetis to Achilles to tell him to release the body and sends Iris to Priam to tell him to go to Achilles to ask for the body of Hector.
Who does not want Priam to go? Hecabe
Who guides Priam? Hermes
What emotional appeal does Priam make to Achilles? He asks him to think of his own father and how he still has his son whilst Priam has lost his sons.
How does Achilles respond? He releases the body after it has been anointed. He offers Priam food and persuades him to eat by recounting Niobe's story.
When will the battle recommence? The 12th Day
Who mourns the body? ANDROMACHE, HECABE, HELEN
How does the poem end? Why do you think it ends this way? The end of the 11th day - why????
What are the key themes of the books 6, 18,22 and 24 War, family, honour and glory, devotion to the gods, mortality,love and friendship, destiny and free will
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