ARCH 219: Part 3A

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Foundling Hospital Fillippo Brunelleschi Florence, Italy
San Carl al Quattro Fontana Pietro de Cortona Rome, Italy
Altes Museum Gottfriend Schinkel Berlin, Germany
Strawberry Hill Horace Walpole London, England
Crystal Palace Joseph Paxton Great Exhibition in London
Brooklyn Bridge John A. Roebling New York, NY
The Opera Charles Garnier Paris, France
Bibliothèque Sainte Genevieve Henri Labrouste Paris, France
Victoria Memorial Sir William Emerson Calcutta, India
Viceroy's House Sir Edwin Lutyens New Delhi, India
Monticello Thomas Jefferson Charlottesville, VA
San Francisco City Hall Bakewell and Brown San Francisco, CA
Gamble House Greene & Greene Pasadena, CA
Red House Phillip Webb Bexleyheath, England For Philip Webb
Tassel House Victor Horta Brussels, Belgium Ironwork, curves, nature
Sagrada Familia Antonio Gaudi Barcelona, Spain
Bauhaus Building Walter Gropius Dessau, Germany Influenced by "pinwheel" Willits House
Schroeder House Gerrit Rietveld & Truss Schroeder Utrecht, Holland
Barcelona Pavilion Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Intetnational Expostition
Villa Savoye Le Corbusier Poissy, France All 5 points
Kaufmann House (Falling Water) Frank Lloyd Wright Bear Run, PA
Lovell House (Health House) Richard Neutra Los Angeles, CA
Woolworth Building Cass Gilbert New York, NY
Casa del Fascio Giuseppe Terragni Como, Italy
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