Secularisation 9 mark question revision

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Flashcards to revise short answer secularisation questions that could come up. Including: Problems in measuring secularisation and reasons for decline in membership to traditional religious organisations

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3 problems of measuring the extent of secularisation in a modern society How you define religion Church attendance statistics can be unreliable Problems in measuring the level of disengagement
3 reasons why traditional religious organisations may have lost support over the past thirty years Growth and influence of science Traditional religious organisations are too conservative/old fashioned Changes to use of Sundays
3 reasons apart from lower church attendance why The Church Of England may be seen to be in decline Seen as out-dated and old-fashioned Disengagement Fewer children attend Sunday School
3 reasons why statistics on religious belief may not be accurate Statistics may not include all religions (Exclusive v Inclusive view) Privatised worship Methodoligical issues (no systematic count of believers)
3 arguments against the view that secularisation has occurred worldwide over the past 30 years Some religions show high belief still(Pentacostalism is growing) Some religious movements such as NRMs are growing Certain monolithic countries, particularly outside of Europe(E.g. Saudi Arabia) are still religious