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_____ limits the flow of current in a circuit. Resistance
In ~electronic~ circuits, resistance is usually provided by devices such as ____, ______, and ____. resistors, relay coils, solenoids
In ~electrical~ circuits, resistance is often provided by _____ or ______, ____, _____, or other such devices. relay or contactor coils, heaters, motors
The major difference between electrical and electronic devices is that _____ devices convert energy into another form of energy like light or sound. Whereas _____ devices control the flow of electrons for performing a particular task. electronic, electrical
Resistance may also be provided by _____, which are the devices that perform useful work. loads
_____ resistance may be created by light bulbs, heating elements, and motors that produce a physical effect such as light, heat, or motion. Load
______ can cause a fuse to blow, a circuit breaker to trip, or a power supply to shut down due to the overcurrent condition. Short circuit
The prefixes "__" and "___" stand for mega (one million". M, meg
_____ is a measure of electrical pressure in a circuit. Voltage
Voltage is sometimes referred to as _____, which means that the voltage in an electrical circuit has the "potential" to do work. potential
Voltage is also referred to as _______ (EMF). electromotive force
A _____ is an electrical device that converts AC current to DC current. rectifier
The process of converting AC to DC is called _____. rectification
In a _____ circuit, components are connected end-to-end. series
In a _____ circuit, components are connected across each other. parallel
A ______ circuit is a ~combination~ of a series circuit and a parallel circuit. series-parallel
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