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Lewis Watson's Album
The album cover matches the background image on the website used o help promote the album.Its sticks to to the indie style by having simple plain colour in the background which helps add a retro style to the album.Lewis adds his own indie pop style by wearing a bright yellow jacket which helps him stand our from the background. The setting is set in a woodland park.The swan boat in the background adds an indie style as its unique but stands out due to in more higher end albums they wouldn't include this however for this album it helps represent the artist and adds to the indie style he's trying to show.
His name 'Lewis Watson' appears in a black indie flower font at the top of his album.This style font sticks to the same style that appears on his website. The title isn't shown that clear at the top of the page as its right framed however this allows he image below to stand out.
The back part of the album sticks to the same nature woodland style.The song names are written across the top where as normally the are down in a straight line.The barcode is bottom left of the album .
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