PHYS 200 Unit 1: The Nature of Science and Physics


Athabasca University PHYS 200 Unit 1
Adriana Vincelli-Joma
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Theory -explains patterns in nature -supported by scientific evidence -verified by various groups of researchers
Law -describes generalized pattern in nature -supported by scientific evidence and repeated experiments
SI (Systeme International) units international system of units that scientists agreed to use
Units for time -second -minute (60 sec) -hour (60 min, 3600 sec)
Unit for length -millimeter -centimeter (10 mm) -meter (100 cm, 1000 mm) -kilometer (1 x 10^6 mm, 1 x 10^5 cm, 1000 m)
Unit for mass -gram -kilogram (1000 g)
accuracy degree to which measured value agrees with correct value
precision degree to which repeated measurements agree with each other
uncertainty quantitative measure of how much measured values deviate from standard or expected value
%unc (unc A)/A x 100%
significant figures express precision of measuring tool used to measure value
method of significant figures last digit written down in measurement is first digit with some uncertainty
sig fig in calculations -sig figs in final answer cannot exceed sig figs in least precise measurement
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