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phrasal verbs

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show up aparecer, dar as caras *Day after day, Efrain showed up for class twenty minutes late. *The party started at 8.00, but he didn’t show up until 9.30
show off exibir-se, amostrar-se *Whenever he sat down at the piano, we knew he was going to show off
pass out desmaiar *He had drunk too much; he passed out on the sidewalk outside the bar.
keep on não parar de fazer algo *He tried to keep on singing long after his voice was ruined. *She kept on asking me questions.
keep away manter distancia *The judge warned the stalker to keep away from his victim's home. *Keep away from the edge of the cliff.
grow up crescer, ficar mais velho *Charles grew up to be a lot like his father.
get by sobreviver, se virar (com o que tem) *How can he get by on so little money? *Uncle Heine didn't have much money, but he always seemed to get by without borrowing money from relatives.
eat out comer fora *Let’s eat out tonight. *When we visited Paris, we loved eating out in the sidewalk cafes.
come in entrar *Come in and have a cup of coffee. *They tried to come in through the back door, but it was locked.
come back retornar a um lugar *Father promised that we would never come back to this horrible place. *We’ve just come back from holiday.
break down quebrar, avariar, enguiçar *My car broke down on the way to work.
walk out abandonar: *He walked out on his wife and two kids. *All the parents walked out (of the meeting) in protest.
think back relembrar: *I often think back on my childhood with great pleasure. *It might help you to understand Elaine if you think back to when you were her age
talk back responder rudemente: *Children who talk back are regarded as cheeky and disrespectful. *The star player talked back to the coach and was thrown off the team
take care cuidar, tomar conta *My oldest sister took care of us younger children after Mom died.
put up tolerar, suportar *He’s so rude! I don’t know how you put up with him.
look out verificar com cuidado, ser cuidadoso *Good instructors will look out for early signs of failure in their students
look in visitar alguem por pouco tempo: *We were going to look in on my brother-in-law, but he wasn't home.3 *It helps if older people have a nearby relative who will look in on them.
keep up with to continue to be informed about something: *He’s never made an effort to keep up with current events. *It's hard to keep up with the news when you lose your job!
get up levantar-se, ficar de pé *The whole audience got up and started clapping.
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