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What is the Catholic Definition of Prayer? Raising of the heart and mind to God
What is Adoration Prayer? > Acknowledging that God is wonderful and worthy of praise > Both silent and out loud (including through hymns) > Blessed Sacrament on display in parishes - pray quietly and adore God, who is present in the Eucharist
What is Thanksgiving Prayer? > Giving thanks to God for all the wonderful things that happen > Liturgy of the Eucharist is an example - give thanks for the sacrifice of Jesus
What is Repentance Prayer? > Expressing sorrow / regret about having sinned > Penitential Rite in Mass
What is Intercession Prayer? > Asking God to help OTHERS > Seen during bidding prayers in Mass
What is Petition Prayer? > Asking God to help OURSELVES > "Petition" God to respond to our own needs
What are Formulaic Prayers? Prayers with set words that are said in the same way every time, shared by the community
What are some Examples of Formulaic Prayers? > Our Father > Glory Be > Hail Mary > Eternal Rest > etc.
What Examples in the Our Father show Different Types of Prayer? > "Our Father" - Thanksgiving: privilege to call God "father" > "hallowed be Thy name" - Adoration: to give "hallows" is to make holy > "Thy Kingdom come" - Intercession: asking God to bring peace and true equality to Earth > "Give us this day our daily bread" - Petition: asking God to meet their own needs > "forgive us our trespasses" - Repentance: acknowledging humans can fall short of perfection
What is the Order of the Mass? 1. Introduction + Penitential Rite 2. Readings - Old Testament, Psalm, New Testament, Gospel 3. Bidding Prayers + Creed (Apostles' or Nicene) 4. Offertory - Offering the Bread and Wine 5. Eucharistic Prayer + Our Father 6. Communion 7. Final Blessing
What are the Key Beliefs about (Catholic) Mass? > "Source and Summit of Catholic Worship" (CCC) > Jesus is Present in Communion through Transubstantiation - bread and wine become the "body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus" (CCC) > Sacrifice of the Mass - Recall Last Supper, Good Friday and Resurrection (Anamnesis - make present again) > Jesus is the New Sacrifice, replacing the Passover Lamb: "Lamb of God" > Death of Jesus is an Atonement, remembered in Mass
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