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Lifted from D.S. Kidder and N.D. Oppenheim's 'The Intellectual Devotional' (2006).

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(History) THE ALPHABET * All modern alphabets derive from modernised Egyptian hieroglyphics. * Egyptians simplified their hieroglyphics in 2000 BC to account for expansion. * English alphabet stems from the Phoenicians who spread hieroglyphics across the Mediterranean (becoming Greek).
(Literature) ULYSSES * A book written by James Joyce, published in 1922. * Widely regarded as the greatest English novel of the 20th century. * Retells Homer's Odyssey in a single day set in Dublin; follows the life of Leopold Bloom.
(Visual Arts) LASCAUX CAVE PAINTINGS * Found in cave in central France. * Among the earliest known works of art (Paleolithic, 15,000-17,000 years old). * It is possible that prehistoric people believed depicting an animal gave them power to influence it.
(Science) CLONING * Dolly the sheep was the first animal to be reproductively cloned in 1997. * Nuclear transfer: swapping of genetic material followed by an electric shock. * Dolly died young due to issues with her body strength.
(History) HAMMURABI'S CODE OF LAWS * King of Babylonia (present-day Iraq); 16th century BC. * He wrote upon a monolith the rules and punishments of his society, creating the first found set of laws.
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