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True/False? Heredity is controlled by DNA True
True/False? The outer layer of skin is the dermis False
True/False? Your tongue and nose do not affect each other False
True/False? Neurons do not touch each other True
True/False? When the brain mixes up its sight signals, an optical illusion results True
part of the brain responsible for behavior cerebrum
color of eye iris
controlled by will voluntary
flexible tissue cartilage
carries impulse from the neuron axon
skin problem acne
salt, bitter, sour, sweet four tastes
pigment responsible for skin coloring melanin
gathers sound outer ear
The hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup are parts of the ___________ middle ear
The control center of the cell is the ________ nucleus
A connection between two or more bones is called a(n) __________ joint
Special meeting places between neurons are called ____________ synapses
The part of the eye that opens and closes to let in different amounts of light is the _________________ pupil
What is the brain stem? the first 3 inches of the spinal cord
What is absorption? to take in
What is the spinal cord? the main pathway for all of the body's messages
What does it mean for something to focus? to make clear
What are the 5 senses? 1. touch 2. taste 3. sight 4. hearing 5. smell
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