Changing methods of 19th and 20th century archaeologists

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Changing methods of 19th and 20th century archaeologists, and their contribution to our understanding of Pompeii and Herculaneum

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Who is Giuseppe Fiorelli? He was the inspector of excavation at Pompeii in 1860, and is known as a pioneer of modern archaeology because of the methods that he introduced at Pompeii
How did Fiorelli number houses in Pompeii? He divided Pompeii into 9 regions (each containing up to 22 blocks [or INSULAE]) and numbered them with 3 numbers (according to its region, block, and entrance). This system made it easier for archaeologists to accurately record where objects were found
Describe the systematic excavation techniques that Firoelli introduced to archaeology. He removed debris from earlier excavations and approached new excavations according to a plan (rather than randomly searching for special objects). Fiorelli carefully uncovered each building within a block before moving onto the next block
Describe the techniques used to create Fiorelli's plaster casts. - He observed cavities in the hardened ash deposit left by organic materials - He poured plaster into these cavities -> acts like moulds - The plaster set, and the surrounding ash is chipped away revealing the shape of the body (or object) left.
Who is August Manu? He is a German archaeologist that originally worked on the inscriptions from Pompeii, but his main interest is art and architecture.
What is August Manu famous for? He made a study of the frescos in Pompeii and classified them into 4 styles according to a date range.
Outline each of the 4 styles of architecture, and state the time period that they are from. - 1st style (2nd BCE)
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