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CARRY somebody THROUGH *ph.v.* *Her confidence carried her through. 💪 = to complete or finish something successfully, in spite of difficulties. = to help someone to manage during an illness or a difficult period.
DELICATE *adj* *Molly's health has always been delicate.🤕 = needing careful treatment, especially because easily damaged. = needing to be done carefully. =fragile
ACCUMULATE *v* *If you don't go through the papers on your desk on a regular basis, they just keep on accumulating. =to collect a large number of things over a long period of time. = INCREASE.
USHER *v* *She ushered us into her office and offered us coffee.(Usually housewives)👩‍🦰 =to show someone where they should go, or to make someone go where you want them to go. أشرت 👆 لنا على مكان المكتب
DEBUT *v*😎 *I’ll be debuting this song next Saturday night. /ˈdeɪ.bju/ =to perform or appear in public, or to be shown or introduced to the public, for the first time.
EMBELLISH *v* *The ceiling was embellished with flowers and leaves.🌺 = to make something more beautiful by adding something to it.
CONSTRAIN *v* *The country's progress was constrained by a leader who refused to look forward. 🤐 =to limit someone's freedom, or to limit the way something develops or grows.
TRAP *v* *She's too smart to fall into the trap of working without pay.🤓 =a dangerous or unpleasant situation which you have got into and from which it is difficult or impossible to escape. =a device for catching animals or people and preventing their escape.
EMPLOY *v* *The report examines teaching methods employed in the classroom. C1 = to USE a particular object, method, skill etc in order to achieve something. B2= to PROVIDE WORK
DEVOUR *v* *She loves to read - she devours one book after another.🍕🥞🍦 =to eat something eagerly and in large amounts so that nothing is left. =to destroy something completely.
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