Unit Review - Important Soldering Terms (Mod. 3 Sect. 2)

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_____ - a unit of hardware or any portion thereof required by the contract Article
____________ - a terminal containing a slot or spilt in which wires or leads are placed before soldering Bifurcated Terminal (aka spilt terminal)
______ - a build-up of solder or conformal coating between parts, part leads, and/or base substrate forming an escalated path Bridging
Another name for a bifurcated terminal is _____ terminal. split
_________ - unsatisfactory solder connection resulting from dewetting or movement of the conductor during cooling and frequently exhibiting a rise of the solder from the surface being soldered. cold-solder joint
_______ - a method of soldering which employs a soldering iron for transfer of heat to the soldering area Conduction Soldering
_____ - a lead or wire, or printed circuit path serving as an electrical interconnection between terminations Conductor
___________ - a thin electrically non-conductive protective coating which conforms to the contours of a PCB Conformal Coating
______ - an electrical termination Connection
_________ - a soldered connection which has fractured or broken within the solder cracked solder joint
________ - a distinct unwanted separation of PCB layers Delamination
_______ - the condition in a soldered area in which the liquid solder wasn't adhered intimately Dewetting
__________ - unsatisfactory connection resulting from motion between the conductor ad termination during the solidification of the solder disturbed solder joint
__________ - an assembly of one or more electrical parts that may be disassembled or separated without destruction of designed use Electrical Component
__________ - a non-conductive compound used to completely enclose and fill in voids between electrical components or parts Encapsulating Compound
__________ - unsatisfactory connection where the solder obscures the configuration of the connection excessive solder joint
_____ - a tubular or metal part having both ends headed or rolled down Eyelet
_____ - a smooth concave build-up of material between two surfaces, such as between a part lead an a solder pad or terminal Fillet
_____________ - a joint showing evidence of cracking fractured-solder joint
________ - a terminal formed in a hook shape Hook Terminal
__________ - a conductor which connects conductive patterns between opposite sides of a printed circuit Interfacial Connection
_____ - a solder joint; a termination Joint
_________ - an unsatisfactory solder joint, characterized by a rough solder surface Overhead Joints
_____ - a solder pad Pad
_____ - one or more pieces joined together that aren't normally subject to disassembly without destruction of designed use Part
_______ - the conductor attached to a part Part Lead
A ___________ is a hole formed by a deposition of metal on the inside surface of the hole. This is used to provide additional mechanical strength to the soldered termination or to provide an electrical interconnection on a multilayer printed wiring board. plated through-hole
_________ - a joint having a grainy or gritty surface Porous Solder Joint
__________ - a non-conductive compound used to partially encapsulate or for a filler between parts, conductors, or assemblies Potting Compound
________ - a terminal containing a hole through which leads or wires are placed before soldering Pierced Terminal (aka perforated terminal)
_____ - small holes or depressions in the surface of the solder Pits
Another name for a pierced terminal is ______ terminal. perforated
_______________ - consists of the Printed wiring, boards, parts, and associated hardware an materials Printed Circuit (PCB) Assembly
The abbreviation for plated through-hole is ____. PTH
____ is the abbreviation for printed circuit board. PCB
______ - operations performed on a non-working article to place it in usable condition Repair
__________ - a method of soldering by passing a current between 2 electrodes through the area to be soldered Resistance Soldering
____________ - unsatisfactory connection which has entrapped rosin flux Rosin Solder Joint
______ - a nonferrous, fusible metallic alloy used to join metallic surfaces Solder
___________ - a hollow, cylindrical terminal to accommodate one or more conductors Solder Cup Terminal
________ - a sharp point of solder usually formed by the pre-mature cooling of solder upon removal of the heat source Solder Icicle
________ - a termination Solder Joint
__________ - a termination area on a printed circuit conductor Solder Pad
______ - the process of joining metallic surfaces through the use of solder without direct fusion of the base metals Soldering
_________ - a nonconductive adhesive material used to adhere a part or component in place before soldering Staking Compound
__________ - a round post-type smooth terminal with no grooves Straight-Pin Terminal
_________ - an upright conductor termination through a printed wiring board Stud Termination
_________ - a method or means to minimize stresses to the soldered termination or part Stress Relief
______ - the point at which electrical conductors are joined Termination
_________ - a conductive surface on a PCB used for making electrical connections Termination Area (aka solder pad)
________ - a device with good heat dissipation characteristics used to conduct heat away from an article being soldered Thermal Shunt
______ - the coating of a surface with a thin uniform layer of solder Tinning
___________ - a round post-type grooved stud around which conductors are fastened Turret Terminal
______ - the flow and adhesion of a liquid to a solid surface; characterized by smooth, even edges and a low angle Wetting
_______ - a flow of molten solder or cleaning solution by capillary action Wicking
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