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300 idiomatic expressions to learn for de TOEFL test
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pat oneself on the back congratulate oneself
pay attention (to) concentrate on; focus on
pick out choose; select
pick up (1) take something from a surface (for example, a floor) (2) go to a location and get someone or something (3) learn (especially without formal training)
pick up the tab (for) pay for
the picture of a perfect example of something
play it by ear do something without a definite plan
play it safe choose a cautious plan
point out indicate
a pretty penny a lot of money
pull one's leg joke with someone; make up a story
push one's luck to continue doing something too long; to keep taking chances
put aside save for later; set aside
put away return something to its proper place
put off delay; postpone
put on begin to wear
put together assemble
put up with tolerate
right away immediately
ring a bell (with) sound familiar to
rough it experience somewhat difficult or primitive conditions
rule out say something is impossible; eliminate
run a temperature have a fever
run for office try to get elected
run into (1) meet unexpectedly; bump into (2) collide with
run late be late; be in a hurry
run of the mill ordinary
run out of exhaust the supply of
save one's breath don't bother asking someone
search me I don't know; I have no idea; beats me
see eye to eye (with someone) (on something) have the same opinion; be in agreement
see (someone) off accompany (to an airport or train station, for example)
see to take care of; check on; fix
serve one right receive the proper punishment; get the penalty one deserves
short for a nickname for
show around orient; give a tour
show off try to attract attention by unusual behavior
show up arrive
shut down close
sign up (for) enroll (for a class, for example)
sing another tune change one's opinion; feel differently
size up measure; estimate
sleep on it postpone a decision until the next day
slowly but surely gradually; steadily but not quickly
snowed under very busy
so far, so good up until now, there are no problems
sooner or later at some indefinite future time
speak one's mind say what one is thinking
speak up speak more loudly
speak up for support verbally
spell out (for) make something very clear; explain in detail
spick and span extremely clean; spotless
stack up against compare with
stamp out eliminate; wipe out
stand for (1) tolerate; put up with (2) symbolize represent
stand out be noticeable
stay out not come home
stay out (or up) to all hours come home (or go to bed) very late
stay up not go to bed
stick with not change; stay with
stock up on get a large supply of something
a stone's throw from not far away from; close to
stop by visit informally; go to see
straighten up clean up; make tidy
stuck with have something one cannot get rid of
take a break stop working for a short time
take a lot of nerve require a lot of courage
take a lot out of (someone) be hard on someone; drain energy from someone
take advantage of lItilize; make use of; exploit
take after resemble; look like (especially an older relative)
take apart disassemble
take it easy relax; calm down
take a short cut take a more direct or faster route than usual
take off (1) remove (clothing, for example) (2) ascend (a plane, for example) (3) hecome popular quickly
take over assume control or responsibility
take part (in) participate in
take the plunge finally take action; do something different
take time off (from) take a vacation or a break from work or school
take up begin to study some topic or engage in some activity
talk down to speak to someone as if he or she were a child; patronize
talk into persuade; convince
talk out of dissuade; convince not to do something
talk over discuss
tear oneself away from something stop doing something interesting
tear up rip into small pieces
tell apart distinguish
things are looking up the situation is improving
think over consider
throw away discard; get rid of
throw cold water on discourage; force to cancel (a plan, for example)
throw the book at someone give someone the maximum punishment
try on test clothing before buying (for size, style, and so on)
try out test a product before buying
try out (for) audition for (a role in a play, for example); attempt to join (a team, for example)
turn around face in a different direction
turn down (1) reject an offer (2) decrease the intensity of
turn in (1) return; give back; hand in (2) go to bed
turn into change to; transform into
turn off stop the operation (of an appliance, for example); shut off
turn on start the operation (of an appliance, for example)
turn out (1) result; end up; be the final product (2) produce (3) arrive; gather (for a meeting, for example)
turn up (1) increase in intensity (2) arrive
under the weather slightly ill
use up usc completely
wait on serve
walk on air be very happy
warm up (1) heat (2) practice; prepare for
warm up (to) become friendly with; start to enjoy
watch out (for) be alert; look out for
wear out become no longer useful because of wear
what the doctor ordered exactly what was needed; the perfect thing
wipe out eliminate; stamp out
without without a problem
work out (1) exercise (2) bring to a successful conclusion; solve
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