Spanish Vocabulary- Beginner

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Beginners level Spanish vocabulary flashcards. Ideal for learning Spanish from scratch.

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Question Answer
with con
drunk, drunkard borracho
head la cabeza
warm, hot caliente
heat, warmth el calor
street la calle
bed la cama
waitress la camarera
waiter el camarero
change exchange el cambio
to change, exchange cambiar
road la carretera
dance bailar
kiss besar
believe creer
when cuándo
fire fuego
until hasta
beautiful bonito
cat gato
same igual
try intentar
tomorrow mañana
movie película
danger peligro
maybe quizás
without sin
thanks gracias
to a
to go ir
to be ser / estar
good bueno
of/from de
your/ her / his / their su
to do hacer
friend amigo
please por favor
no no
on / in en
to have haber
to have / to possess tener
a, one un, uno, una
now ahora
and y
that que
what qué
for / by por
to love amar
who quién
for, to para
to come venir
because porque
the el, la, los, las
before antes
more más
well (as an adverb) bien
here aquí
there allí
to want / to love querer
hello hola
to be able poder
to put poner
almost casi
to know saber
like, as come
where donde
to give dar
but pero
itself / herself / himself / themselves se
much mucho
new nuevo
when cuando
boy, girl chico, chica
to understand entender
if si
or o
happy feliz
all, every todo
same mismo
very muy
never nunca
I , me yo, me
big, great grande
to owe, should deber
you usted
low, under bajo
other otro
to leave salir
hour hora
from desde
to see ver
bad malo, mal
to think pensar
until hasta
than (used in making comparisons) tanto, tan
between, among entre
during durante
to wear, to carry llevar
always siempre
to begin empezar
he, she, they él, ella, ellos, ellas
to read leer
thing cosa
to take out / to remove sacar
to know conocer
first primero
to walk andar
over, about sobre
to throw tirar
without sin
to say decir
to work trabajar
we, us nosotros
also tambien
goodbye adiós
to eat comer
sad triste
country país
the world el mundo
to listen escuchar
man hombre
woman mujer
indirect-object-pronoun le
to believe, to think creer
to find encontrar
to drink beber
to speak hablar
bathroom baño
afterwards, later después
people gente
city ciudad
to feel sentir
to arrive llegar
small pequeño
to write escribir
year año
minus, except menos
that, which cual
this este, esta
to leave dejar
part parte
nothing nada
each cada
to continue, to follow seguir
still, already ya
to seem parecer