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Words that I didn`t know when I was reading the text to the conversations III

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Hurtful causing injury or emotional pain; especially : cruel or unkind; e.g.: She can't forgive him for the hurtful things he said.
Blame to say or think that a person or thing is responsible for something bad that has happened. e.g.: Don't blame me. You are responsible for your own problems.
Wound an injury that is caused when a knife, bullet, etc., cuts or breaks the skin; a feeling of sadness, anger, etc., that is caused by something bad that has happened to you. e.g.: She suffered a knife wound to her thigh.
Worth Preposition: used to indicate the value of something e.g.: The corporation is worth billions of dollars.
Duty something that you must do because it is morally right or because the law requires it. e.g.: She has a variety of adminsitrative duties.
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