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New words and expressions
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Hit Like touch without International in something
Crib Bad for Baby
Though Entretanto
Easygoing Like relex people
Laudback Like relax people
Get along Good relationship Ex we get along really well
At all For shure
Count on her You can count with people in all situations Ler counonher
I mean I think... I Want to say...
Drive me crazy Takes me crazy
Pleasent Thankfull
At least Like but Always reforce positive tense
Borrow Leand I borrow You leand
Annoying Boring
Inherited Revive something - money Quality or caractheristcs The other person
Raised Verificar o que é
Humble Dont want recive the praise Ex Fabianas Humble when i praised her english class
Enviroment Place we live
Range Group of people
Wich Like what but use When we have options
Came over Recive FRIENDS in my house Ex my friend came over my house to a fernandos bday
Choir Music apresentation When people sing togheter
Good at it Expression to say that somebody is good Ex
So do i Neither Am i Me too So do i - positive Neither Am i - negative
Bad Or Badly Bad - person - kellys bad Or Badly - action - kelly told me badly things
Wrist Place in my body that the beach water can touch me without drive me afraid
Deep How deep is your pool? 1 m... How deeps your love....
Make up your mind Make a decision
Scramble Disorganized Scramble cards
Kite Toy paper an colored that boys do for put on air to fly on sky
Roller coaster Toy in Disney with a car that move on crazy mountain
Bathroom Restroom Toilet Bathroom -home Restroom -outside Toilet - outside
Stumble Person that hit in everything, like me
Flu Sick with cold an cof
Present perfect I've tired I've always tired Past simple I was tired yesterday Present perfect - without the defined time I've tired I've always tired - frequency not time Past simple _ we have the time I was tired yesterday
Faucet equipament on the kitchen that we use to take water
Hot spring Hot Water like Caldas novas
Blast Like super, uses to good things like this course is the blast
Sightseeing Like a tour in the city
Loaf Little mountain, usei to talk about bread too
Contest Like a championship but for things Like food, music
Rough Irregular road whith rocs for example
Tire The car have 5 tires and They are full with air and road When the car is in moviment
Flat tire When te tire was without air
Worth Vale a pena
Superlatives The+adjective+Est The. Most / the least+Adjective The best/the worst The mos +noum # biger than The Busiest restaurant The most interesting The best course The most people
wild like adventury wetting wild - water adventury
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